• fadedautumns 23w

    In that moment

    And in that moment
    I knew that I loved her
    I did not understand
    If that was the love
    Of a childhood friend
    Or of an elder sister
    Or that, of a lover;
    Nor did I seek
    An immediate
    Understanding of
    The twisted truth
    For desire is desire
    And in that moment
    It did not matter;
    I simply held her
    Inside my arms
    Resting my head
    On hers, my fingers
    Tracing her palm
    And promised myself
    To never let her go
    I realised I craved
    Her transcending smile
    And couldn't bear
    The thought of pain
    Dripping from her eyes
    So I convinced myself
    That wherever she was
    Was the place I
    Was meant to be
    And somehow
    In that moment
    That seemed enough.