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    In uni times me with my friend circle helped a handicape we thought she can't walk, as our bus was little bit late and on the signal traffic blocked there and then she got up from the fucking wheelchair and started collecting money from the drivers. It's a professional begging, beggars bitch around , the true needy people don't go for such cheap acts I guess , what do you say ?

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    Begging is a profession,

    While visiting to the mall I see so many people around and some bitter realities, what I noticed today is, I don't know what is it called it confused me, it's a begging or professional kinda begging they have clothes and some accessories to wear yet they come to you and start imploring it feels like they were taught well to do so, I saw a girl with holding a written chart wearing a gown and veil a slim figured girl, wearing a good upper a stylish lass she was looking,and an aged guy was giving her money I really don't understand what is it all about? I was going through a street an old man was sitting and speaking the language I couldn't understand but his face was speaking much that he is needy he is helpless I helped a little, it's not to show off but to let you and I understand what's going on? The auto driver ,when I sit in that he was a good suited guy wearings were good was having a good android in his pocket and wearing bluetooth in his ears, I wonder he is driving auto, means he doesnt has the desired job but he is doing hardwork for livelihood and those who feel good in begging for them it's an example but they feel good in begging and they have made this a profession.