• justmrpierre 6w

    Don’t judge.

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    Pussy = ...(pause)

    And ... damn.
    A pretty pussy like yours on my pallet is something to immortalize. Thick lips to cushion my thrust, softening the impact as I slide every inch of myself inside of you.
    *Deep inhale*
    “Brown”, the color of strength.
    I mean “BROWN” the color of ...
    passion, determination, resilience,
    words that describe not just the color but the women of the color. Brown on the outside with pink coating the walls to show the way into heaven.
    That’s a glimpse in which Me and my soldiers stand at attention in awe.
    *Deep exhale*
    Enticed by this embodiment of beauty. It’s perfectly crafted. I am more than honored for this gift you have shared with my eyes. I humbly accept the exchange but i, myself feel it’s not of equal value. See your pussy creates. It gives life.
    No, wait ... it gives life meaning. It tranquil any beast. Pouring nectar from your forbidden fruit to fill the fountain of youth. The body may grow old but that pussy stays young and fruitful.
    And yet such a masterpiece is dangerous. It’s addicting. Give man a taste and he loses his mind, wanting more. Do anything for the pussy. Would even kill for pussy. Wanting to hate, wanting to lie, cheat, manipulate, deceive, abuse for the pussy.
    Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually destroying for the pussy.
    But it also gives man motivation, courage, strength, purpose, light, guidance.. it gives man so much.
    You give me so much. You make me feel so much.
    Remain on the topic of what you give... emotions.
    Just like arms and legs wrapped around me never wanting to let go, your walls do the same. Clenching on to my every being. Feeling your heart beat pulsating from your walls running against the veins on my dick.
    *speak softly*
    You make me want to explode.
    *back to a regular tone*
    I cannot control myself. I cannot contain myself. I cannot remember where I am or where I’m heading. My soul has been snatched out of my body at that very moment I released everything I had to offer.
    This outer body experience is one in which I wish to feel forever. Hold me tighter. The feeling of you pulling me deeper inside. I am trapped.
    This pussy poison and I’d die for it
    ... or would even die in it?