• monsoonrain 45w

    The Queen of Night

    The queen treads with soft cotton steps
    Wrapped in her silver gown,
    Her freckled skin glowing,
    In the light of her bejeweled crown.
    She watches the world in silence
    As it sleeps for the night,
    A cool breeze filters through her hair
    'gainst her witty grey eyes.
    She brushes it behind her ears
    The grey against the white,
    A stream of silver tresses
    Gleaming in the dark of the night.
    She dances now with practiced steps
    Twirling, round and round
    Her silver gown flickering,
    Dazzling the world around.
    The world sees not her beauty,
    Her dance across the sky,
    A heavenly waltz to remember,
    Reflecting her lover's stride.
    She shines with ethereal beauty
    Her beloved's love, her light,
    Though touch she cannot him for long,
    The distance far too wide.
    Yet she dances with tender steps,
    Her majesty and her crown
    The King of Heaven her beau,
    The dance of the Moon and Sun.