• madhushree 9w

    If my heart could speak...
    1. It would tell people who make faces when they see me to kindly stay away.
    2.it would tell my best friend that i have been broken many times.
    3.it would tell my parents that i will and shall be a very proud daughter till my last breath.
    4.it would say to my sibling to start living life with all vigour.
    5.it would say to my old crush that thnx for giving me a lesson for life.
    6.it would say to my old bestie thnx for staying the same admist many phases.
    7.it would say to god that i m lucky to have this life soundly.
    8.it would say to love that come with a meaning or don't.
    9.it would say to muse that continue to inspire me.
    10.it would say to me to never give up....
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    That my heart would speak..