• christina863 10w


    When night comes near
    That's when it begins to show
    The look of silent fear
    Is now all that you know

    When the door is now shut
    And the entrance goes away
    When the feeling of trust
    Is now and forever gone astray

    If the answer is never found
    And the words you say are true
    What will help them come around
    To the fact that they are now two

    When they were once all alone
    But now they have someone
    Do they see what is shown
    From the love you feel become

    New and good. Fun and free
    But then people try to end us
    And then this is what you see
    And the love begins to bust

    Then we fight to keep us together
    And we know it's what we need
    But I dont know about whether
    This is where we plant our seed