• rdblessed 45w

    Letter To God

    Dear Lord,
    I know I can be nuclear bomb.
    But why?
    Today is stormy day,
    I have nest.
    But I am a free bird.
    I don't want war,
    Don't want to loose.
    But I flied already.
    Maybe there is a fear of my wings,
    But I flied with freedom,
    Not with any cage.
    I don't want a doctor to be a culprit.
    I don't want a medicine to be paralysis poison,
    To make next generations brainless,
    Don't make me afraid of myself,
    Why are you making the thought of separations,
    From you.
    You know I flied ,
    And why?
    I can't be nuclear explosion.
    This thought maybe can't make me sleep tonight,
    And if I sleep without any decision tonight,
    Next nights will be brainless.