• quietstorm76 10w

    How the Story Could End

    I want to be there right by your side
    When we're old and gray and close to dying
    It's you I want to see with each new morning sun
    I want you there with me when every day is done

    When you barely can see through those blue eyes of yours
    And people have to repeat themselves cause the first time I never heard
    When arthritic pain attacks us in the rain
    And we yell at each other and call each other names

    After a little love and many years of friendship
    When we can finally share our social security benefits
    You would shout at me still telling me to go away
    I'd scream back, "fuck off", and make you deal with it anyway

    You and me at the last years of our lives
    Something I wish for like a golden surprise
    To take my last breath next to the man I love
    Like a gift granted by the Lord above

    If you can't imagine the future that I do
    That makes me so sad and fucking blue
    You can keep on searching for someone better
    But, at least I'll be the one you'll always remember