• rising_liberty 6w


    I was waiting for a bus. Different thoughts crossed in my head:right from eating hot homely food to pending works in my office. The sudden spell of rain ruined the busy schedule of city. People were running to get a shelter in bus stop, shop etc.... They were talking about their office timings, fixed meetings and even about climate change! I wondered how rain brought people togather! Some were cursing the rain, some were enjoying ice-cream in rain...
    Suddenly I noticed three middle aged men were staring at me. I did not care. Again I watched how people are sharing their umbrellas and making new relationships. Later, I felt I was being watched. The 3 men were talking to each other and keep on staring me still. Yes, they were talking about me! I thought: "how 'uncles' could pass lewd comments on me and stare at me like this" . "I was their daughter's age." I felt sympathy for their own mothers, wives and daughters. For a moment, I felt to slap their bloody face! Their staring caused me inexplicable uneasiness. Then I saw one of the 3 men were approaching me. I made up my mind, if they say anything lustful, I would complain against them and even I would go supreme court to teach them a life long lesson.

    "Beti.. If you are stuck in rain, we will give our umbrella. You can reach home early.."

    Whaat..!! the f***k I was thinking about them.!!!

    "No, uncle. I have one and I am waiting for my bus.Thank you so much for asking.."

    "Okay, we are going..take care. "

    "Bye uncle, take care.."

    They were definitely talking about me but it was out of their concern.. I judged them too earlier!!. The bus arrived. I got into and ashamed of my own judgment ment!