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    YES! IT'S ME

    Some call me pretty,
    some call me witty,
    some contradict them both,
    but to me, what matters is my overall growth.

    Whining about my rotund physique is my unending rant,
    but dieting is something which doesn't satisfy my salivary gland.
    To look attractive with a figure so perfect is my ultimate dream,
    but I lose all my control when its about cheese and cream.

    Sometimes puerile,
    sometimes unfrivolous,
    sometimes plain-Jane,
    sometimes glamorous.
    Its my mood not my trait,
    which sometimes make people love me and sometimes hate.

    Possessiveness is my foe,
    be it my books or my friends,
    if anyone else gets close to them,
    for me,it's like a real woe.

    Humourous at times,
    while being myself a humour,
    making people laugh is my favourite job,
    coz for me depression is like a growing tumour.

    Attachment with people is never so tough for me,
    this is what makes me cry at times and also makes me whee.
    To catch me in your clutches is not so easy,
    coz i am a free bird always ready to flee.

    My humble submission to #cees_fff_chall . ��

    #facts_about_me #mirakee #ceesereposts

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    Yes! it's me

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