• srashtii 6w

    Srashti: Law of Nature?
    Is nature so brutal that it's separating two
    Aarav: Taking it wrong..
    Law of Nature -
    Night after day and day after night
    Birth after death and death after birth
    Pleasure after grief and grief after pleasure
    Meeting after separation and separation after
    This binds the entire universe..
    We must face the pain of tyranny to taste the
    sweetness of good days

    (I silently nodded in response to yes)
    Aarav: Srashti
    Srashti: Hmm..
    Aarav: come on! It's Time to give me gift
    Srashti: What do you want?
    Aarav: Say goodbye with smile
    Srashti: Goodbye.....love
    It's hard to see you go..!! and harder to
    survive with your memories only
    Aarav: My strong baby will manage everything
    Srashti: I love you and will always do... and I'll miss
    Aarav: I too love you and also going to miss you
    very badly
    (With a bright smile filled with pain he disappeared)

    Shocking!! Whole scene turned..
    I discovered me laying on the thresold of same window...
    Was it only a dream??
    I saw my table dead man in the image was still smiling and rays of sun was touching him....
    There was a paper near him with a message "BE READY TO WAIT FOR NEXT 24 FEB"
    and his gifted ring was gleaming on my hand ...

    Two days passed I'm still confused.. "Was it real or a dream"
    If it was real than thanks for coming and keeping your promise and if was only a dream then thanks for encouraging me to face this year in your absence..
    All those moments are now beautifully printed in our book of love as a chapter of history....
    I don't know what was that
    I believe still it was "A NIGHT OF MYSTERY "

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    Night of mystery

    The end..