• amrutasquill 10w


    The evening falls silently, almost stealthily,
    Signalling the end of the day, albeit too quietly,
    The music has stopped, the din is gone,
    The night crawls into my blankets with me.

    I close my eyes and it envelops me,
    Pouring behind closed eyes like sheets of rain,
    This darkness is perhaps the darkest of all,
    Drawing from sheaths shards of pain.

    Suddenly there is no air to breathe,
    I have suffocated myself to sleep,
    In agony and helplessness I shriek,
    The darkness muffles my screams.

    With a final war cry I shake off the dark,
    Inching closer to the daylight and sun,
    I see it, yearn for darkness again,
    The time for a charade has just begun.