• misty_2004 5w


    Oh ! I was wondering...how soon time passes off...leaving behind trillions of memories holding another trillions of words left done and often not....few heal us like the apothecary, pleasing the beating heart to pump a few more litres of the red fluid...a few others say,"turn it blue"...what for do we live... what is it that connects us to the moon??..I wonder...a thousand merciless unheard cries and laughs I hear,as I sit reclined on my windowsill every night trying to ask the stars to return me those that I have lost...huh! They don't even reply me back and I let my derision cuddle in my arms...I sing to them the lullabies but my panting obsession donot let them sleep...they stay awake awaiting that someday the stars will call them up !! The loved ones are waiting out there !!

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