• umar_ahmed22 9w


    When i was a kid
    My mom used to scold me
    Saying"cartoon से क्या सीखेगा
    पढ क्यो नही लेता"

    I didn't knew the answer back
    But now i know.

    Doaremon taught me how to help others
    Shinchan taught me how to enjoy life
    Kiteretsu taught me
    how knowledge is power
    Dragon tales taught me how
    wanderlusting is good

    Minions taught me how to live life
    Popeye taught me how to fight problems
    W.w.e taught me never give up
    Power rangers taught me
    good always win over evil

    Dora taught me to explore world
    Bean taught me how to make others
    Ben taught me how to fight
    Scooby doo taught me how to overcome fear

    Pokemon taught me how to take care of other creatures
    Mickey taught me how to have fun with my friends
    Spongebob taught me tha place doesn't matter
    People do
    Every anime taught us how to become HERO

    Each cartoon taught us many things
    But we weren't big enough to understand that.