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    One line is never enough.
    The reason i dont write about pain.
    Because i don't know how to pen it down.
    Almost everyone think that i know only
    How to fuck, true yeah i know.
    But i also know Pain.
    Pain : Suffering, Poverty, lost someone,
    Watching someone you love Suffering
    Helpless just watch them crying in pain, Some are Sexual abuse, Physically abused, Restrictions like they are living in prison they have wings but not allowed to fly high and many more kind of pain, we don't tell anyone about. Because they won't understand, Because pain is so much that we can't tell about it without crying. Because we are afraid other will use our weakness, stab our wounds make them worse. Because no one can help. Some people don't crave for love they just crave for some breaths of relief. Some good quality of time with people you most in this world, people you love more than money. Everyone have their definition of love also of pain. Everyone have different Pain.What is common ? Tears.

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    I try but never survive
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