• eldeesama 5w

    Subhii prayer

    After subhi prayer
    Office is calling me
    A lot work to be done
    Words from yonder lament in dark
    My head straight
    My innate heart is a visionary

    Despite the delay of my parcel
    Our lord bless me in and within
    All that glitters is what I see

    Surprising constant complain come and go
    But nothing change eldee in the deep blue
    I want to be loved
    I want to known
    I want to blessed
    Blessed with a clean heart

    As handle time
    So as we stitch our ambition with no lamentation
    A lot has missed
    Idle people seek for their idol
    The future is funny
    Let's see how it goes
    But I never tasted Jonny walker
    But I want to be like Jonny walker