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    Prince Satanopediaology's bhagvath githa

    SATAN: NARAYAN, how is it possible that you can become like this? I can't even dream of it. The one whom I have adorned as my mentor and a figure of icon, how can you do that to me?

    MOHINI: My dear ESHA, now I'm a woman and you are a man. As a woman I'm doing the right thing but as a man you are escaping from your duties. GOD, when created this planet made a man and a woman not to fight but to stay united and to love each other and to share their feelings. You are sharing your feelings but when it comes to love, I don't know what happens to you, not only now but I'm seeing you from many centuries, you either avoid staying in relationship or somehow escape with some sort of excuses. It is easy to fool ladies, but not NARAYAN. Either accept my proposal or lose everything acquired till now. .