• thorne 9w

    My Found Family

    I was thinking about you
    And the journey we went through
    The times go by so fastly
    We grew up so drastically

    Call back to the place where we were free and winded
    Filled with windless chatter, we were yet to be guided
    Cooked noodles to make us fuller
    All of us were filled with laughter

    Graduated and set sail
    To a world filled with grail
    One by one on each owns tale
    But to see each other, we never fail

    Though the journey to adulthood
    Has just begun
    May we never forget
    The cries we shared to each one
    "We'll always be here"
    I still remember these words
    Like a happy puppy filled with cheer

    Shed a tear and take a long breath
    We may never be like what we used to be
    But through the heath
    We grew stronger as a family should be

    Im happy that you
    Are my found family
    Im happy that you found me
    When i was lost and unearthly

    I still remember the time
    When we were 14 and prime
    And you said that you love me
    And stayed even though it was hard
    For both you and me
    You never made me felt more loved
    Than that moment on

    You saved me from losing myself
    From losing my life
    And I'll never be grateful enough
    I love you all 8000 times