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    This may not make sense since I tried writing after long. Nevermind. Stay safe.

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    Many a Vir(us)

    Sitting on the verandah bench, I search
    for a little chaos, against the backdrop of
    a silence, too strange, for a world at war
    with peace. The hot tea cup sits beside
    me, untouched, while I struggle to gulp
    down the screams that wish to spill the
    stories I regret having lived. Few muffled
    voices reach my ears and I instinctively
    'cover my mouth', in an attempt to stop
    mine, from infecting the air with tragedy,
    while Nature sings renaissance in her
    own happy pace.

    I get up and walk inside. The pale green
    walls seem to suck me in a monotony I
    fail to resist. Longing to step out, I try to
    'tie a mask', but give up when I realize
    how much easier it is, to keep one up,
    without the knots. As a wave of dubiety
    hits mankind with the rising deaths and
    the crashing hopes, the oceans turn a
    purer shade of blue. With deer on road
    and men locked up, Nature, at last,
    masters the game, we taught her how
    to play.

    'Wash your hands', they hum. I wonder if
    they do the same, everytime they kill a
    dream within a child and a child within
    a womb. Born in an era of isolation,
    quarantines don't scare me more than
    people using candles to reignite the
    flame of unity. I hope this flame doesn't
    burn down a race whose only mantra to
    treat each other is : "Pull. Break. Push.
    Regret. Repeat." Honking cars veer into
    ringing bells, and while the blind lane of
    faith ends right before the closed shrines,
    the athiests have the last laugh.

    "It's a pandemic!", we cry out. The rustling
    leaves seem to snicker. Trapped in the
    conflicts of our own mind, we panic as
    the setting sun brings in a night, but no
    sleep. We vow to find a cure the very
    next morning. But can we?
    For it's, still, the vir(us).

    ©Merusri Mukherjee