• damn_damn 6w

    That's that.

    David: Life.. Is a fukin lie.

    Luke: How do you know that?

    David: I don't know. Some d*ckhead just used it on his whatsapp status. It's kinda cool to say, yuh, I'll give him that!

    Luke: No man! It..it's not cool! Or whatever! It has some deep meaning!

    David: Hey come on man! It's nothing! Alright? Some high a$$ muthufuka coined it and we yall muthfukas sayin that s*it for years!

    Luke: Nah! I don't think whoever coined it was an high a$$ muthufuka. He is a genius. He ought to be. I mean, I can relate with that quote man!

    David: Okay! Give me a dollar!

    Luke: Why?

    David: Just...put it right here.

    Luke: Hey, man. I'm sorry but I'm running low. All I have is a cent or two.

    David: Just pour whatever you have on this table.

    Luke: Alright! Whatever.

    David: Thank you!

    Luke: Hey! Where do you think you're goin?

    David: I don't wanna share a room with some overthinkin d*ckhead...Imma...Imma just find another nice condo for me.

    Luke: Hey! A$$hole!!! If you wanna leave then just leave! Why are you taking my props!

    David: Because, I know that you suicidal maniac is gonna comit suicide in one or two years! So, that's that! You don't need these after you're dead, do you?