• joallen 5w


    Beside you I stood, to the world we are one.
    I battled the demons, smile and shook hands .
    In public we seems the perfect pair.
    Behind closed door we do not care.

    A love gone wrong, a love once strong.
    A love so beautiful, it couldn't be wrong.
    Forever we promised, we promise to love.
    I want to spread my wings; be free like a dove.

    I looked at you, my stomach turned.
    It took me too long to learn.
    Not everything glitter is gold.
    Your actions were so bold.

    I cried a lot, I paced the floor.
    I screamed, I shout, I cried some more.
    Your touch, like fire burn my skin
    I reminisce about where we could have been.

    This house, my home built on lies.
    These four walls echoes my cries.
    Every indiscretions came to light.
    In my home, in my sight.