• mikeanthony 10w


    A dedication to vandanza

    You were conceived inside her womb in
    darkness surrounded by warm fluid
    Unable to see,unable to speak,thoughts
    hadnt yet begun to form comprehension
    Yet you were inside her,she's also inside you
    you were one..yet unable to communicate
    Yet as mother and daughter you were both
    bathed in radiant beams of rich loving

    Now you are once again in the womb called
    bereavement in darkess and warm tears
    Unable to see her,unable to speak to her
    thoughts of comprehension..trying to form
    She still lives inside you,her presence is
    still warm like a radiant summer sunshine
    No one knows the pain you carry for you're
    Swimming in an ocean of tears and longing

    Longings to hear her sweet voice,to see her
    To experience her again,her ways,her smile
    Now with your thought life just filled with her
    Nostalgic memories of life with her remain
    It's still early days,you fall sleep,you wake up
    existing like an empty shell,its mum you want
    If only it's all a dream and she suddenly called
    Just to say hi."Has this all really happened?"

    Yet you're still her daughter,she'll forever be
    your dear mum.Precious more than pure gold
    How can life continue without her presence?
    Too soon to think.Too soon to deeply ponder
    You've cried a thousand cries,ached a billion times
    spoke to others,thought,yearned..dreamed
    The journey has just begun to live without her
    Yet the concept though real,maybe hard to bear

    "She was your smile,your life,you loved her
    and cherished her more than we'll ever know
    Though alive in human hearts, to experience her
    again..to feel her warm essence,is your only dream"

    My thoughts are with you at this time!

    Mike Anthony 2019 ✍❤