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    As each story has two perspective.
    Our story also has two perspectives
    one is mine & second is yours

    You thought we met here (on mirakee) for the very first time.
    but for me we met somewhere else before.

    I saw you somewhere else but you got vanished within seconds
    then right after 5 months from march to August,
    when i start writing here.

    i met you again, your name is stays at my homepage on mirakee as suggestions.
    just like the name of this, mirakee - a magic happened in my life.

    I start reading your write-ups and read all of them again & again.

    I had started falling in love with them without knowing.

    I've start waiting for your new write-ups daily, I've started finding reasons so that we can talk and at last i find a way to talk through social media.
    it was not enough after 5 months, when we became comfortable with each other we shared our contacts.

    we started talking on what'sapp & one night don't know why but we talked all night.

    A night filled with full of emotions, joy for me.❤��

    I was smiling all night like I've never smiled before. that night is memorable. staying awake all night for someone always gives you regrets but this time I've no regrets or never going to be regret. that was the best night of my life yet.

    Thank you for that.��

    I don't know either is your eyes or your talks but i was started fallen in love for you.

    I've no idea, when, your eyes became my favorite sight and your voice became my favorite sound.

    what all i know is, I love you, i love you more than anything.
    neither you're mine or never will be
    I love you and always will be.

    That's the last post I'm writing for you.
    Yes I'll write for you forever but never gonna post now.

    I always wanted to make you mine but not anymore sunshine.
    I agree that neither I'm yours nor you're mine so I've decide to stay away from you in this life.

    Stay blessed ❤��

    Thank you @mirakee

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    Pt - 2
    And the end of our story.

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