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    She is the creator,
    the nurturer of the world,
    a stub born and fearless fighter,
    still fighting to exist in the real world.

    They believed to keep her confined in home,
    they said that she should not be very bold,
    her lufe became a complete mess,
    and all her wildest dreams were suppressed.

    Her rights were denied,
    her choice was disclaimed,
    they were doubtful in the regime of matriarchy,
    beacause she was living in a society,
    where our beliefs still lie in patriarchy.

    She had two choices-
    either to live according to the society,
    or establish a rule of matriarchy.
    either listening and bothering about people,
    or living life her life on her terms and conditions.

    She chose the second one.
    you know why?
    because she decided not to stop,
    from the crop perception of the orthodox.

    the success was when her rights were recognised,
    her liberty was credenced,
    and her wings were eventually in the sky.

    Her freedom was not meant to be subjugated,
    her rights were to be emancipated,
    so come! Let us not say that they are confined,
    but say, their powers are infinite.

    In the world of dark,
    where every woman's voice was unheard,
    She walked among people,
    with a sense of confidence and grace.
    Her rights were her pride,
    because she was the woman who had to rise.
    she was the woman who had to rise.

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