• fabricated_fantasies 5w

    Inner strength

    Everything starts breaking apart!
    When you reveal yourself to the world.
    All those clashes, the boundaries
    And the guarded walls of distrust.

    Slowly but silently you start to evolve
    Being more focused on your soulful vigour
    Silently but calmly they whisper in your ear
    Don't break the chains and fly.

    Hold yourself
    Stay back
    Don't rush
    Don't fight
    Don't run
    Don't rule

    But my dear symphony you are your own rule!
    Let chaos unleash and bind harmony down
    With chains of the chaotic rhyme.
    Let your mind softly humm the stories
    Hushed by the force of time.

    Show yourself
    Show yourself to be.
    Shine brighter than the sun
    In your new found world
    Wondering slightly at the sea.
    Smirking at the waves crashing down your feet
    Laughing In your unrestrained glory.