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    Not a long time has passed neither much time was left. I was standing in the middle of the month. I didn't wanted to waste any of my time here and there because for me the priority was to create memories with him so that, later on I shall not regret, so that I can smile remembering those sweet moments, though the pain of separation persist.

    I went to his home early morning, without informing , instead of college. Today my dear ma'am will not be there nd I didn't had any practicals so it was safe nd best for time being.

    Yesterday he said we shall meet, but time was not defined so I went in the morning itself.

    It was 8:00 when I rang his doorbell. When the door was opened, I saw him, standing infront of me, leaning on the door, half asleep, hair all messy, eyes trying hard to open but still unable to do so. I just smiled, the way he was looking Now was so cute.

    I just quietly went inside without him knowing, he was left standing there itself. Maybe he was expecting newspaper. I had already taken it before while going inside. After sometime he closed the door nd came inside, back to his room to throw himself on bed.

    He laid beside me. I was waiting for him to see me. But he was not opening his eyes only.
    I gently pulled him in my arms, because it's all I could do now.
    He curled his hands around me, making my heart to beat faster.
    "I longed for you, my dear.. " he said

    I smiled foolishly upon hearing it. I brushed my hands across his messy hair.

    He was awake after sometime. He looked at me smiling for few seconds. Nd then held me even more tighter nd slept again, burying his head in my chest. I was happy looking at him.

    "How much will u sleep, holding me? Get up. Eat something. "

    "No, I don't want to eat now. I want to sleep in ur arms for now. Nd i wont leave u. "

    "I won't run away from you. Let's go. I will make something for you. OK? "

    "No means no. U always slept in my arms, now it's my turn. Nd i m happy this way. I don't feel hungry now, coz u alone r enough for me. "

    "Get up. After eating u can sleep again. Nd i wont say anything to u, promise. "

    He losen his grip around me nd turned to other side. I got out of bed nd went to the side where he was facing. I was standing infront of him. He looked at me for sometime nd quietly got out of bed. I held his hand nd took him to the kitchen.
    I asked him to sit on the shelf nd guide me a little while I cook.
    But he stood behind me, curled his arms around me nd rested his face on my shoulders. I didn't say anything.

    I just made an omlet and 2 chapatti for him. After cooking he went to wash his face nd i was making coffee for him.
    When he was back, he sat down on the chair. I was about to go nd sit on the other chair opposite to his' but he held my hand nd pulled me towards him nd made sit on his lap nd opened his mouth wide, asking me to feed him.

    I tried to remove his hand but he won't let me escape. At last I gave up nd made him eat from my hands. It's first time that someone was eating from my hands. He was looking very cute as he relished, his each bites.

    When eating was over, he was drinking his coffee but still he didn't allowed me to leave.
    Breakfast was over, I was about to wash plate nd cup but he carried me to his room, nd made me sit on the bed. When I sat comfortably, he gave me my bag and asked me to study.
    I obeyed him like a little girl, I took out a book nd was about to open that he came on the bed nd lied, keeping his head on my lap nd my hands on his head.

    I just looked at him as his eyes were closed. What is he trying to do? Asking me to study while he will sleep. So selfish. :(
    But how am I going to study if he will be like this sleeping on my lap. How to concentrate when his charm is attracting me badly...
    It's so tempting that I m unable to resist myself from staring him. Let me see a little more then I will study with full concentration. But this little more was not getting over only.....

    "Stop looking at me. Study. I m here only" he said, maybe he felt my strong gaze.

    But how not to see him. This was the man who was responsible for tempting me. He was hypnotizing me nd my heart all the more. How to withstand his luring charm??

    I tried to concentrate on my books, but his head on my lap nd my hand on his head were making it impossible for me to concentrate fully. I was still staring him with book in my hand.

    He opened his eyes to see me nd he saw me, staring at him. But I was becoming shameless day by day infront of him. I just smiled nd continued my staring.

    He smiled nd hid his face with my abdomen like a little baby nd holding my back with his hands, For me to come closer. His movement was so swift that I was embarrassed upon his act. My heart started to race so loudly as his warm breath I felt near my abdominal region, nd his hands on my back.
    My face had already turned red nd my ears were hot, burning.
    It was giving me sensations nd vibrations all over my body.
    What was he doing??? Does he really want me to study or just look at him???

    I was left speechless. No words to utter. Just thoughts. Nd looking at his one ear which was visible for me to see.
    His ears are bigger than mine. Nd also harder than mine. I was just admiring him, trying to control my emotions or else I will burst nd it would be difficult for me to control.
    After sometime his grip from my back was losen. I realized he slept nd finally I was calm again.

    He slept nd i studied. While studying I will see him nd wonder why did we ever meet when we had to depart? But at the same time I thanked GOd For making me meet this man.
    The feeling was so confusing. What do I exactly want??
    Don't know. But seeing him sleeping peacefully on my lap, I was happy.

    After sometime i too fell asleep while studying.


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