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    "I suppose in the end the whole becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most is taking a moment to say a goodbye." - Irfan khan

    I never thought that loosing such a great legend gonna affect me soo much that I am almost feeling like crying. I hardly get affected by death of any actor..but this loss is feeling like a personal loss to me.
    I was never much into these Bollywood movies , actors , actresses but this person holds another place in my heart, infact in everyone's heart.

    No hatred,no grudges,no controversies ...what a true soul he was.
    I just don't know why God is soo cruel sometimes.

    This year 2020 has become a holy shitt now....the whole world is only experiencing loss and loss.
    Thousands and lakhs of people left this earth... thousands of families are suffering at greater extent...and it's still counting....����
    I don't have words to explain what all thoughts are going on in my head...

    This life is soooo unpredictable ....�� Can't take it anymore ��

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