• droneking 9w

    Wanna walk in my Shoes?

    What would you have done if you stepped inside of my shoe's

    I was so crazy and wild living life like I had nothing to lose

    Never thinking about anyone but myself dishing out pain

    To numb my pain I was taught to shoot stuff in my vein

    Thinking everybody else was the problem never stepped back
    and looked in the mirror

    Shot after shot of courage pushing through my

    Don't hate me for the things I was taught since a kid

    Maybe that's why I took penitentiary chances and did
    a bid

    Born with the pimps and hustlers,locked up with
    the heathen's

    All the did was teach me more street lesson's

    Everybody quick to judge me for the path I walk on

    This life of Sin and Sadnesses is like a never ending marathon

    You tell me which way you'd take your first steps if you where
    born in hell and chaos

    Would you still be alive today to be able to discuss?