• siku_barik 6w

    A decade later

    They kept staring at each other, for how long no one realized though! The light of the evening was engulfing the city gradually then and both of them seemed lost in the eternal darkness of their hearts that were torn apart a decade ago! The sky was pale as if in pain with neither moon nor a single star, and the crowd in the street was rushing towards an unknown destination with the utmost indifference. But, the moment for them had stopped right at there! The girl did her best to wear a fake smile in her face and so did the boy but their eyes spoke a thousand words laced with the drops of tears silently. Before, she could collapse, she turned away and so did the boy and they walked away from each other never realising that they left behind their innocent selves of a decade ago hugging each other at that corner of the street vehemently!