• taegilover 4w

    Oh Pebble! Oh Pebble!

    Oh Pebble! Oh Pebble!
    Has it been a tough journey or just that funny ,
    You hit those big rocks
    You had a time at the dorks.
    It was a journey full of burden
    Yet there was no one to pick me and pet .
    I was full of fear to see those angry rocks,
    When they broke on me as full of shocks.
    I was so small , but brisk and strong.
    To face those challenges life long .
    I had seen those camaraderie between those rocks ,
    And those Callous bullying me the callow .
    Still I didn't give up and crag,
    But from a Pebble I grew into a stone rag.
    Oh Pebble! Oh Pebble!
    What would have happened if I was your side
    I would have been drift , neither brisk nor tight.
    But your hope came true
    Your words were bind
    Up together to grow this world high behind.....