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    Note(this is an old poem dedicated to my dad's mom ( my Greek grandmother dad's mother) this poem originally was posted in December 2016. Notes reposting with the old poem to original notes from 2016 below. As I read this poem for my dad's mother ( grandma nagley/golden grams I called her) at her funeral which everyone loved it. I felt was the least can do for her ��

    This poem is dedicated to my grandma nagley, my dad's mother who passed away yesterday around little after one something in the afternoon. Though Rita Mae nagley passed away she passed away at home with my aunt there and I'm glad I saw her days before her death with my mom and dad. Hospice was giving her 2 weeks two a month to live just days ago. Though as a Christian I know as others doctors and nurses have no idea when anyone shall pass. Just as when many get sick, or may have cancer a doctor says you have so and so left. My god can do all things even heal those who think they have weeks or months left to live. God gives us miracles. And I'm not in that much sorrow from my grandma nagleys passing. Why? Because she accepted Christ as her savior years ago as did my grandpa nagley who died when I was five in 1993 from smoking cancer to the lungs. I know where my grandma's at
    Unlike sadly many others who don't know where their loved ones are at. My pastor made a good point a while back in a sermon. He spoke on all the funerals he's done. He said he noticed all the times going to hospitals, how angry, broke down many would be in the hospitals seeing their loved ones pass as if was the end. And he noticed a difference with those families who knew their loved ones accepted Christ. Christians don't fear where their loved ones go we know there in heaven. Christ told us in John chapter 14 not including all many other verses of heaven in the Bible and it's description ( John 14-
    1 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

    2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

    3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

    My grandma is reunited with my grandpa now as surely grandpa has waited for her for years .. to my golden grams, ya sas( that's goodbye in Greek,) reason I titled this ( in your secret garden) I remember months back even though grandma was going through a bad phase of dementia my aunt didn't want my grandma to leave the house. I knew that wasn't my grandma. She was a free bird that had her own mind/soul and spirit. Nothing could lock her in a cage . Not in her mind, not in any way . My aunt told me one day to see out the back window in the kitchen, grandmas little garden. It was one rose grandma specifically loved with beautiful bricks surrounding the one rose standing high above all other greenery. Grandma heard my aunt from the living room speaking about her rose, grandma came in the kitchen, looked at me looked out the window she said with big eyes, you wanna see it?? You wanna ? Nodding her head in anxiousness. There was one purple rose my grandma adored in the back yard she wanted to see it. So I took her in the living room while my aunt and dad were in the basement. My aunt told me before earlier( don't take grandma outside, don't want her falling down the steps, understanding. Though I knew Grandma wanted to see it. So I helped golden grams get her shoes on as she used to help me as a child, so I thought I should be helping my grandmother now after all she's done for me and everyone as a kid . I got her shoes on her feet, for a moment I felt like a parent. Though nothing felt wrong I knew it was alright and a beautiful moment. I took grandma by the hand took her outside down the steps out the front door to back behind the house. And she got to see her purple rose only feet away from her. Seeing the look on her face a memory to keep. Knowing how much it meant to her to see her one tall purple rose. And now grams, you have all the purple roses plus more in the heavenly kingdom. 
    Ya sas for now golden grams . Ya sas means goodbye in Greek. But ta léme sýntoma which pronounced ( tha leme syntoma) is  see you soon. My grandmother has much Greek in her as Dads side does. Rip golden grams.
    Word meanings below-
    Sto mystikó kípo sas ( in your secret garden). Greek tongue.
    Thy- your.
    Wilt- will.
    Hath- have.
    Thee- you, thou means( you) as well.
    To And fro- in a constant movement backward and forward or from side to side.
    Canst- can.
    Tha sas xanadó- I'll see you again( Greek tongue.
    Seest-see .

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    Sto mystikó kípo sas ( In your secret garden) Greek tongue/old poem to Rita Mae Nagley


    Sto mystikó kípo sas,
    Where thy purple rose shalt be;
    Where thy flower bed wilt hath many roses, where thy breath
    Shalt Never cease.


    Sto mystikó kípo sas,
    Where hue's and tints hath life;
    Thy husband wilt be with thee,
    Guiding thee into God's light.


    Sto mystikó kípo sas,
    Where petals never fall,
    Where the angels sing, their voices ring, bouncing to and fro the pearly gates; painting melodies in the spirit form, colliding back to temple walls.


    Sto mystikó kípo sas,
    With a palace for a queen;
    The queen is thou, window's thou canst look out; where glass is clear, as there's no fear, inside thy garden
    Of majestic scenes.


    Sto mystikó kípo sas,
    Tha sas xanadó;
    That's to say, I'll seest thee again soon one day, in thy secret garden,
    Where thy love wilt always grow.

    ©Brandon nagley
    ©Lonesome poet's poetry
    ©Rita Mae nagley dedicated( golden grams) rip grams, I'll meet you at your new heavenly mansion in your secret garden.