• fortheheart 21w

    Too bad the days that I used to love you
    I shouldn't come to see deceived loved ones
    Regretful sincerity that had been worried about.
    Deluded to interpret lies as true love words
    So tortured like this
    Enough to love us
    Ending with pain
    Buried in the heart
    Despite the long time passed
    I never forget the day I used to love you.
    Deep in my heart I don't want to meet
    Because he was afraid of returning to his former self
    So tortured like this
    Enough to love us
    Let the pain bury in your heart like this
    ... because of me Struck that the key
    Therefore not being suspicious of, not being careful
    Believing her words too much
    Because we ourselves are to blame anyone
    When you love yourself, because of being bruised
    No one is upset.Probably have to blame ... myself ...

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