• totsie28 30w

    Trojan Horses

    Deception present everywhere,
    As is truth and sincerity...
    Thus pessimism and optimism
    Remain at war,
    With one's character and spirit,
    The ally to a certain side,
    Providing the necessary upper hand.
    A continuous battle waged,
    And only are the conflicts won,
    When one's soul fails to falter
    From perpetual faith,
    Or a defeated spirit of submission.
    The body count rarely substantial,
    As wins and losses
    A common part of life...
    Just as conflict and resolution.
    The key to holding strong,
    Lives in the wisdom to prepare,
    And the ability to see the dispute,
    From both sides...
    Learning to pick and choose one's battles.
    But herein lies the secret weapon,
    As judgement can often be led astray
    By the far too common facades
    Of false alliance from our enemies.
    Thus, the number of defeats tend to rise
    As we unknowingly fall victim
    To these Trojan Horses...