• xamber52 10w

    # heaven # angel # butterfly # dead # messages

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    Angel's from heaven..

    These are the hands from heaven, that an angel put out to you.
    She is wishing contentment, and the truth.
    Everytime a feather falls or a butterfly lands near by.
    They are telling you not to cry.
    They are telling you that your loved ones in heaven are okay.
    Love sent from your angel, is what they say.

    If you feel a cold chill down your back, your angel is near by.
    Maybe coming to co─║lect a loved one who had just died.
    A song randomly plays that reminded you of someone who passed away.
    Means they heard what you had to say.
    So many signs come back from the dead.
    For luck place a feather under your pillow on your bed.

    We get all kinds of messages sent down from our loved ones up above.