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    Let's promise ,to be the Lotus , In the mud of Concupiscene .
    Let's promise , to be the Constant,
    In the era of variable .
    Let's promise to keep our fights aside ,
    By clinging onto the memories of lake side .
    Let's promise , to prior "US" and "WE" ,
    Instead of "YOU" and "ME"
    Let's promise , to be proud of ourselves
    Because after so many thick and thin , we are together here .
    Let's promise , if we fall ,
    We will always stand together .
    Let's promise , if we fight ,
    We will never hold any grudge .
    Let's promise, to walk an extra mile ,
    To support others by sharing smile .
    Let's promise, to not stop looking into each other's eyes .
    Let's promise to be in love with twinkling stars and the moon ,
    But not to forget the sun .
    Let's promise , to fly high in the sky ,
    But will also accept each other's depth
    Let's promise , to click more pictures ,
    But not to forget to create more memories .
    Let's promise , to make it once again ,
    Let's promise , to start falling for each other that once again ,
    Let's promise , to replace the fact " Not again " by " Once again" .
    Let's promise , to LIVE
    Before , We DIE !

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