• sugarfree 10w

    Perhaps you will remember her walking
    On sunshine and cloud nine, carrying smiles of spring,
    Telling happy stories like birds do at the end of the day.
    Yet, hers wasn't a life of bed of roses or a walk in the park. She carried storms on her shoulders without excuses and regrets.

    She danced in the rain to hide all her pain, walked with head up to the sky, sang her woes to the heavens, and wore her heart with stitches, and burns on her sleeve.

    She showered love like confetti, took nothing in return,
    She wandered through rough roads and got lost in deserted crossroads, yet
    She flashed her scars proud like cute tattoos,
    inked with her barrels of tears and fears.

    Her triumphs and downfalls engraved on her skin,
    Breathe fire of courage and resilience, stamped with strength without a name.

    She was a woman with a heart of gold,
    And a backbone made of fine steel.

    She was filtered and chiseled by her life choices,
    She was a warrior who chose her battles wisely,
    She was a woman who fought her wars with dignity.

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