• alizayblue 36w


    When I came into existence,
    My world was just water.
    With faint sounds of heartbeats
    Of Mine and someone dear
    I wondered where Was I floating!
    Feeding on those Warm and familiar vibes
    My soul very happily survived!

    After the sloppy slip
    I opened my eyes
    To see my world facing me,
    With her glowing face, brightest smile and twinkling eyes, caressing me with hands so soft,
    I Felt being held by a feather,
    To her soft chest, sweet smell, and the familiar heartbeat,
    Which I realised, is of my world,
    my Mother!
    With the cord still intact,
    She fed me the elixir of life
    I smiled, knowing that inside ‘her’ I thrived.

    While the physical cord removed, the soul one exists forever.
    With my fingers twirled around the end of her drape,
    Taking baby steps here and there
    I had no big fear,
    For I held my world around my finger!

    I see her Living in a paradox now and then,
    Happy that I am growing,
    Sad that my world too is growing!
    I understand the conflicts of her mind.
    But Mother,
    However vast my world expands,
    You are and will be the core of it forever!