• ink_art_knock 10w

    // Tell me once
    It's ok to rebel .
    It's ok to be late in knowing people .
    Sometimes even broken piece could look beautiful .
    It's ok to understand that they were once a part of you joyful moment .
    It's ok that we share some beautiful bonds once for a moment .
    It's fine to be pause for a while .,
    Not all the attention they deserve all the time ., Nor we .
    It's stable to be fine ., Nor we or they seek for our sad mood attention .
    It's totally fine to be happy without them & it's not a savage answer to them .
    It's totally a brave act to fight our own struggle behind that tears .
    Not all the time we have someone there otherside .

    Lastly ; koi naah life hai ..!
    If there is a life , there will be both awful & amazing situations , there will be emotion .
    It's a joyous moment in every phase ..!
    It's fine to it let go .

    You won't be replaced till you fake it to make it .

    It's ok to be rebel .//