• ezees_diary 9w

    I don't dance like I used to

    I watched these kids dance
    In unfamiliar rhythms
    Strange movements now
    Almost contorting their bodies
    (It seemed to bring memories
    Of my days in the sun)

    I don't dance like I used to
    I was the life of the party
    Boisterous voices cheering me on as a took one step at a time
    So timely
    So effortless
    Almost heavenly
    I don't dance like I used to
    As the moves flowed so fluidly
    You'd think I was water
    Head bobbing from left to right
    With no cares in the world

    Now so forced
    Ragged motions trail
    As I watch my reflection
    Smooth as Ibadan expressway
    And out of tune
    Each step bearing a thousand memories
    Arms moving in the air like a cry for help

    I can't dance like I used to
    I crash into my seat in sore defeat
    Where had it all gone
    If only someone told me
    My legs would lose swiftness
    Almost as quickly as my hair would give way to baldness

    I stare on
    Agape lips
    I could easily take any one of these kids
    if I had my old hips