• amirmm 31w

    Our Economic Predicament

    Nowadays emigration rate is pretty high , to be brief, literally 500 people are leaving the country per a day. Why they're leaving is a good question to ask. High economical inflation is definitely a firm reason which gets more acceptable when it turns out there is no economical freedom for people.

    Well, as an example, there is a simple self finance rule according to which, you should separate 4% of your yearly income, then invest 50% of it in the stock market and the other 50% should be invested in real estate and commodities like wealthy metals. You should do these so as to have a complete retirement after almost 30 years. But, the embarrassing fact is, such economical rules won't work in this country. For example the stock market fluctuates in the most illogical way possible, so it's only a matter of time to lose all your investment in there.

    On the other hand, the insane inflation rate makes the situation even more confusing. Let's assume you earn a certain amount of your national currency as your income, yet, regarding the the inflation, the wealth of your income is decreasing gradually so you ought to find a way to increase your income with the same rate as of the inflation.
    Down on the earth, it is impossible to do so because in such bad economic circumstances, the standard of living would have a decent so the society won't be as consumer as before, which leads making money to be more difficult.
    The inflation gets more critical when you find out there are many restraints against the usual remedies to escape the inflation, like exchanging your money into other more stable currencies and investing them abroad.
    So as mentioned before, the problem is quite massive and it's the government who is responsible to find a solution and provide a better investment atmosphere , otherwise we are all doomed to have an economical destruction.