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    Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else (I love me)- Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld

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    Gotta Love Myself

    All my past I've suffered from loneliness
    Even when I'm surrounded by my family and friends;
    Felt my existence was insignificant for others,
    No one has been true to me and no one cares.
    Just the fears and anxiety running in my head,
    And rays of hopelessness in my sky:
    Especially when I'm alone
    I felt my life is coming to an end.

    All these happened cause
    I've never quite understand myself;
    Have always wanted care, wanted attention,
    Felt the need to always be around with someone.
    Their ignorance kicked me into depression
    And got me into some bad kinds of addiction,
    I've never given me a chance to understand myself
    That I think I'm only a helpless and a hopeless person.

    I've battled this for so many years
    Still didn't get out of it besides a lot of tears;
    Now I realised I just gotta love myself,
    Need to respect and honour me for who I am.
    Accepting my own failures and embracing it quietly
    For nobody knows my strength nor my weakness,
    Just need to put a sign of confidence in whatever I do
    And don't really need to tell anyone what I've gone through.

    Realising nobody will be with me wherever I go
    So I need to search for my own soul;
    It's the one which gets hurt when I'm in sorrow,
    And the one which gets heal when I'm in glee.
    Humble and kind to my inner self
    And grateful for it keeps me really well,
    For sunshine comes after rain
    And hope and faith in the LORD to heal my pain.

    I stopped feeling lonely when I'm alone
    Loneliness is just a weakness pulling me down;
    I learnt and remembered once someone told me
    Gotta love yourself so you'll never ever feel lonely.
    No moving around with a heavy heart
    Invisible chains unleaded and darkness fades,
    Whenever I'm alone u appreciate and praise myself
    I'm strong, I'm confident, I'm brave and beautiful.

    When I start loving and understanding myself
    I felt powerful being independent;
    I didn't require anyone to know my pains nor my secrets
    For they are safe and secure within me.
    I've introspect myself in whatever I do
    And trusted and understand better,
    I've realised there's so much potential when no one is around
    I've learnt it's not bad to be alone.