• kayamarjay 42w


    What I would give.
    What I would give to see that peculiar smile.
    That gorgeous face.
    Those cheekbones.
    What i would give to experience a hug again.
    Hearing that I could do and be all.
    That I was always right
    If nothing more, but in her eyes.
    What I would give for another meal
    Or at least the peanut buttter cookies.
    Speaking of...did anyone get this recipe?
    Or did we burry it with her.
    Any who,
    The worst heartache I’ve ever felt in my life was losing her.
    And the second worse is realizing some of our legacy will never get to experience all that you were.
    What I would give.
    What I wold give to just have one more moment with you.
    To tell you again
    You are loved.
    And now, at rest.