• shrutipal 5w

    A letter from Me to Myself.

    We need to talk. Listen, you have tried to find happiness in people but every time you walked off sad and empty , sometimes their fault and sometimes yours. You have to stop showing your good soft heart in front of people. You were not sent on this planet to just love people as lovers and friends. You were used and thrown by so many of them. Some people in your life were temporary but they take away your permanent joy.

    Wake up.

    Your true happiness lies in your dreams, in your goals. From now , you must walk off from every person who isn't adding a value to your life. You have to be bad now , you have to learn saying 'no' to people . Let people stay or leave .Don't tolerate bullshit . Don't make your inner soul down .

    As soon as you die your identity becomes a "body". People use to call you like "bring the body" , "lower the body in the grave yard" etc. People don't even call you by your name whom you tried to impress whole life .
    Take chances ..spend money on the things you love the most...laugh till your stomach hurts. Dance even if you are too bad at it, pose stupidly for the photos. Celebrate this event called "life" and achieve your goals to make your parents proud.

    "Live a life to impress the creator (Parents) not the creation ( people around you)