• rebeljones777 5w

    Come at Me

    Spontaneous combustion,
    That's what it's like
    when Rebel's busting,
    Smoke in the lungs,
    with explosions
    from my hand
    to the pen
    Come on
    what's the subject?

    Give me a few moments
    with highest in meditation
    then we'll discuss this,
    We could talk about the celestials
    and all its beautiful luster.
    Or get down to business

    how ugly
    we're making life
    in such a beautiful world,
    I'm frustrated
    because each and every one of us
    is the culprit,
    we've turned this amazing planet
    into a toxic burning bullpen,
    Its mind blowing
    to see and feel
    from this perspective.

    In my mind
    I embrace
    a maddening force,
    That has no limits,
    A dark rider that courts my soul
    to challenge its light source
    I continue to ride the course
    exposing more of myself,
    and heart.

    Is this the right path or
    was I wrong from the start,
    I've taken this skill I have and
    turned it into more than just an art,
    I've made it my purpose,
    I'm doing my part,
    Come at me,

    Nowadays the game is filled
    with baby sharks,
    Well I'm a Megalodon
    making my mark
    and pulling phony fishes cards,
    Man this game is dark

    You know the game
    we each are playing
    every day we awaken to embark.
    Embarking on this future we all
    carelessly run into head first,
    without any real guidance
    from the highest
    That is YAH!

    Not us, and not y'all,
    Whom wish to dictate
    how this game is played
    But the most high shall
    light the final spark
    To shine a lasting light
    onto a world consumed with
    engulfing soul swallowing
    wicked dark.

    Inhaling the Earth
    so I can learn her secrets,
    I take a look at us as a species,
    Our biggest problem is
    that we're never satisfied,
    we're greedy creatures,
    Always looking for a
    bigger better feature,
    but if we retrace our steps
    back to the beginning,
    we would see that
    gluttonous greed
    only weakens us.

    Unity makes us strong,
    But it seems
    humans as a whole,
    Can't seem to
    love or unite for long,
    before division, and
    separation fueled by
    unwarranted hate
    starts a war.

    and in the meantime
    a truly vile beast
    works from the dark,
    silently convincing us
    to keep tearing each other apart.
    Who does all this negative weather
    really benefit, and
    who would it hurt
    if it all suddenly stopped?

    Intermission time,
    as I take a break from this write
    to lay down next to my wife,
    I fall into deep thought as I
    get lost in the rhythm of her
    sleeping breath and close my eyes.
    Images and words flood my mind,
    and thoughts speak to me
    from a place old and wise.
    I try to remember
    and behold the signs
    as they fade away from the mind,
    as the heavy sleepiness in my eyes commands me goodnight.