• hope95 5w

    Oh my heart, when.

    If I Could've given a penny, each time my heart beat fast against my chest, so much so that, all I can do is rest, and let the mind wander thinking, I would've made someone filthy rich.
    Think, as to why have these palpitations started, why am I scared and worried, when can I be free, carefree and iron-hearted?
    When will this torment subside, when will I live like a child,
    when may I ever see again, and really LOOK. Not what my mind shows me through the tainted glasses of perception, but the truth.
    When shall I ignite with life, penetrating every ounce of my body, not as it is now, but dancing with wide eyes, and swaying with merriment and joy.
    When I wonder, this life, might show the brighter side. When?