• nora_efe 9w


    I want to stand in an art museum and gosh at all the lovely paintings hanging on the wall, imagine how it feels to have my painting on the wall
    I want to go to an aquarium ,and look at the beauties swimming around in all their different sizes with their cute fins,
    I want to travel places that are so fine that my breath catches just thinking about them
    I want to go to a place that sells the meanest ice cream that just the thought of it has causes my mouth to water
    I want to try at water skiing, and feel the cool water splashes on my skin , as I struggle to stand on the board and watch the waves as they crash behind me
    I want to take part in an aircraft dive, and feel wind rushing past my ears, gentlely blowing through my hair, and see the world in it's splendour from above
    I want to see an hurricane in close view but at a safe distance as it twirls and moves taking along all in it's path
    I want to see how it feels to model , and express myself through clothes or stances, and smiles
    ...... To be continued