• _tangled_ 10w

    Day 2/1998

    My dear Booo ❤️

    I didn't slept last night so I was just posting in our account and was listening ur song "Everyday you hear I'm healing, I was running out of luck. I never thought I find this feeling." I've saved all the songs u sang for me. And I'm again saying boo tat Ur voice is too good for an audience. Song was on repeat for more than an hour. and after fighting with mom for over an hour I ate today after 2 days. I'm missing u in everything jaanu and again I'm having severe headache. U might be thinking tat i have no idea why Ur acting like this and I hate u and Ur wrong I do know why Ur like this and tats y I'm not leaving u ever. I love u always. I had an online class at 11 and after tat bike and I took a bath (not together obviously) and at evening I watched a movie tats all for today.
    Hope u had a better day than mine sweetheart. Missing u more and loving you more than that. Goodnight boo, sleep well.

    Yours lovingly,
    Ur Jaan.