• flow_143 31w

    You came as a dream
    Which felt I could never complete

    In those moments we spent together,
    All dreams felt fulfilled again

    I found shelter in your eyes
    You gave me wings to fly again, from your smile

    You came as my reality
    Which I wanted to keep forever

    But it feels that
    After you are gone

    I no longer want to capture you
    In my tears

    Just want to let you fly
    In my dreams again

    ●Him● ~Flow ��
    #dedicated #flow_poetry #him @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Aya tu ek sapna banke
    Jo lagne laga na hoga poora kabhi

    Jo do paal guzare saath
    Lage sab sapne poore

    Teri aanko me mili thi panhaa mujhe
    Teri hasi ne diye udne ke pankh firse

    Aya tu meri hakikat banke
    Socha rakh lu tujhe hamesha mere paas

    Par lagne laga hai
    Tere jaane ke baad

    Na karna hai kaid tujhe
    Mere inn aasu me

    Bas udne dena hai tujhe
    Wapis, mere inn sapno me.
    ~Flow ©flow143