• shrishs 9w

    Thank you Bangtan!

    I will always choose these wonderful talented and most precious boys. For you they might be just some weird over hyped boy group. You think I'm just in a teenage phase. But for me, my entire universe is them. They truly are my home. I have almost been with them since a year now, and not a single day that I regretted being in this fandom, not a single day I forgot my love for them, not a single day that they haven't made my mood better. Though I might have never seen them live and only through my screen, my love for them is still bigger than for anything else I admire. What they did is something no other person has ever done for me. Through them I learned how to love myself, I learned how to go through hardships but most importantly I learned that I'm the only person I should think, love and care about. I need to do something against my problems, my worries, my thoughts. And they showed me how. They helped me to find my smile again. They helped me to listen to my heart, to listen closely and to love myself for who I am.
    Thank you BTS (◍•ᴗ•◍)