• eunoia__ 6w

    I tell it
    My doubts
    What my heart wants
    And what my mind
    And it listens
    Without giving any question mark
    My soul feel it's
    Like a home
    Where it feels
    Instead of work,money
    And tension
    It's like my bestest friend
    Where I can find
    My answers
    Of infinty questions
    It gives me sunshine
    When a shadow
    Of negativity
    Chase me
    It gives me rain
    To hide my pain
    It gives me shadow
    I treat others
    Like hell
    It gives me moonshine
    To paint
    My scars
    It gives me stars
    To make
    Me extrovert
    With myself
    It gives me a frame
    I look gorgeous
    With myself

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    When I feel low
    Then my terrace and
    That clouded
    Unclouded sky
    Take me to